Flight attendants, by nature, are highly seasoned travelers, and are therefore brimming with untapped knowledge on how to make your time in the sky (and on the road) all the more enjoyable. Thankfully, many of them have taken to TikTok to share their treasure trove of tips and tricks for optimized packing — and we took notes.

We dove into flight attendant TikTok to discover exactly what they bring along when prioritizing comfort, functionality, and safety, and many of their top picks are available at Amazon. From supportive travel pillows and cushions, to portable door locks and even a compact humidifier for dry nights, these are the 10 products airline workers won’t travel without — all under $50.

Clarks Calla Ease Loafer Flat


Comfy shoes are pivotal for long travel days, and nobody knows this to be true more than flight attendants. If you’re looking for a slightly more stylish option than your favorite pair of running sneakers, take it from one airline worker on TikTok that these cushy loafers from Clarks are a top-notch selection for spending extended time on your feet thanks to the foam-cushioned insoles, a long-lasting 100 percent leather exterior, and thick, sturdy outsoles. Plus, right now you can score these shoes for up to 58 percent off in one of the four neutral colors.

Zzrui Upgraded Portable Door Stopper Wedge Alarm


Whether you’re staying in a hotel alone or with a group of friends, it never hurts to come prepared with additional safety measures, and flight attendants swear that this portable door wedge alarm is exactly what you need to feel secure. Simply turn it on and place the device against the door before you head to sleep, and if any pressure is applied it will emit a blaring noise to scare away intruders. One flight attendant shared that they prefer to use one for the primary door of their room and another for any potential adjoining rooms.

HotLogic Mini Portable Electric Lunch Box


It’s no secret that the food in airports isn’t necessarily top notch. To avoid paying for overpriced food, flight attendants on TikTok rave about the HotLogic lunch box, a portable oven that heats up pre-packed meals or dinner. You can easily stow it in your carry-on or hotel room without having to turn to a cheap microwave that won’t evenly heat your food. And not only has it earned a stamp of approval from countless airline workers, but it has also racked up more than 32,800 five-star ratings at Amazon after travelers revealed that it “changed” their “layover eating life.”

AceMining Portable Door Lock


This best-selling safety device has made it into numerous TikToks from flight attendants who swear by the added protection it provides to hotel room doors, and for just $15, it’s a no-brainer addition to your carry-on the next time you travel. The compact lock is easy to use: Just close your door around the metal attachment and insert the second piece into the frame once the door is closed. Not only does this act as additional security, but it also stops housekeeping from entering if you’re hoping to get some extra shut eye in the morning. It’s durable, packable, and well-suited for a wide range of doors — so long as they open inwards.

Jisulife Mini Portable Humidifier


Air travel can be incredibly drying to the skin (especially during long-haul flights), but this portable humidifier is here to transform your next hotel stay — and flight attendants swear by it. The slim and packable device offers up to seven hours of use thanks to its rechargeable battery, and it instantly adds moisture to the air when placed into any cup of water. It’s quiet, easy to use, and a game-changer for both your skin and sinuses.

Twelve South AirFly SE Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter


Gone are the days of using airline-issued earbuds with the help of the flight attendant-approved AirFly Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter. This pocket-sized device can be plugged into your plane seat and connects to up to two pairs of wireless headphones at once, eliminating the unnecessary tangle of cords while allowing you to watch a movie with your seatmate. You can easily control the volume directly from the device, and it even boasts more than 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. It’s really no wonder that flight attendants love it for longer flights when they’re off duty.

Tessan Power Strip 


There’s generally a finite number of outlets available in any given hotel room, so one flight attendant on TikTok recommended this compact power strip as a simple solution to ensure that every device has access to a charge. They shared that they love being able to “plug everything in in one spot” so they don’t have to “worry about finding plugs all over the room.” And with three outlets and three USB ports, everything from your laptop to your e-reader can stay fully charged at all times. Plus, the extension cord provides easy access to hard-to-reach plugs.

J Pillow Travel Pillow


Nothing makes sleeping on a flight more difficult than your head continuously lolling around, which is why flight attendants point to the thoughtfully designed J-Pillow as their favorite hack for restful sleep. This pillow gets tucked around the back of your neck much like a traditional travel pillow, while under-chin support adds another layer of comfort and security for longer trips. It keeps your head, neck, and chin well-cushioned so you won’t awaken with discomfort or stiffness once you touch down. Plus, it comes with a convenient case that can be snapped onto your luggage or tucked into your carry-on bag. 

Ergonomic Innovations Donut Pillow


Sitting for long hours during an international flight is never going to be truly comfortable, but one flight attendant promises that this memory foam donut pillow is the best way to upgrade your experience without splurging on a first class ticket. This best-selling cushion is designed to alleviate pressure from your tailbone and back, resulting in a significantly more pleasant travel day. The donut shape evenly distributes body weight, leading to less need for adjustment throughout your flight, and it’s so lightweight that you’ll hardly notice it in your carry-on. You may not be able to use it during take off, but when you’re high in the sky, this pillow will make even the firmest airplane seats feel cushy. 

Gasince Handheld Mini Fan


No matter what time of year it is, you should always be prepared for the possibility that your airplane cabin is much warmer than you’d prefer. Because of this, flight attendants suggest always packing a small handheld fan for your travels — in particular, this rechargeable option that’s fitted with a stable base that sits right on your tray table. The portable device boasts up to 13 hours of running time on a single charge so you can even use it overnight in toasty hotel rooms. Plus, you can choose from three speeds to keep you comfortable on the go. 

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