9-piece Travel Packing Cubes, $29.99, Vinnysen from Amazon


One of the best ways to organise and maximise luggage space is to use packing cubes to neatly compartmentalise everything you’re bringing. You can also use packing cubes to organise looks for each day of your trip. The Vinnysen packing cubes are waterproof and feature double zippers and wide handles.


8-pack Vacuum Storage Bags, $30.99, HaShun from Amazon


Another way to maximise space is to store your clothing in vacuum storage bags. These bags remove any air to compress the clothing as thinly as possible. The HaShun pack comes with two jumbo, four large and two medium sized bags, and can be reused to stow away winter coats, heavy knits and other bulky cold weather gear post-travel.


Travel Bottles for Toiletries in Pink, $29.25, Gemice from Amazon


Don’t forget that you can only bring liquids up to a maximum volume of 100ml onboard aeroplanes as part of your carry-on luggage. The Gemice toiletries set comes with a variety of silicone and plastic containers to store anything from shampoos and body washes, to moisturisers and face mists. Scoopers, a funnel and a cleaning brush make it handy to (re)fill and clean.


Large Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag, $35.28, Nishel from Amazon


For your check-in luggage, there’s no limit to how much liquid you can bring with you. Keep your toiletries organised in this bag from Nishel, which fits multiple full-sized toiletries and compact items. Once you’ve reached your hotel, you can easily hang it up in the bathroom without needing to unpack every item.

Nishel Large Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag in Black


Travel Makeup Bag in Black, from $49.68, Relavel from Amazon


Even if you aren’t a makeup artist, a travel makeup bag provides organisation and keeps beauty products safe. This makeup bag by Relavel has removable and adjustable compartments to create sections for various product types, such as foundation bottles, makeup palettes and skincare jars. You can use it to organise tech accessories too.


Shockproof Carrying Case in Rose Gold, $17.64, iMangoo from Amazon


But if you have tech accessories such as cameras, power banks, adapters and cables that need more protection, consider a dedicated impact-resistant carrying case instead. The iMangoo case is made with scratch- and shockproof EVA that’s coated and waterproof.


USB Travel Charger with LED Night Light, $20.99, Lencent from Amazon


This Lencent USB Travel Charger is a must-buy for travelers. With its 4-port USB, the adaptor intelligently detects and delivers optimal charging for fast and safe charging. It also has a touch-activated night light, which is perfect for kids. With interchangeable UK, USA, EU and AUS plugs for international voltage compatibility, charging multiple devices anywhere in the world is easy.


AirTags (4-pack), $150.35, Apple


AirTags are a must-have for any trip. We recommend putting it in your luggage, your backpack and your keys so you can keep track of its whereabouts.


RFID Family Travel Passport Holder in Black, $32.62, P Travel Design from Amazon


Constructed with lightweight and waterproof nylon, the P Travel Design passport holder fits up to four passports and nine credit cards, with extra slots for other cards, coins, pens and keys. The RFID blocking technology also prevents any information theft.

P Travel Design

Travel Soap Paper Sheets, 12 boxes, $27.36, Bamsod from Amazon


The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that we have to be more vigilant when it pertains to personal hygiene and sanitation. The Bamsod soap paper sheets are easy to travel with and just need to be wet to lather into the soap to clean hands on the go. In a pinch, you can use it to wash clothes too.



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