As beautiful as Norway could be in all seasons of the year, it is not impossible for you to feel the impulse to explore other parts of Scandinavia or even a tour of Europe. And is there is a better time for such trips than when you are planning for a vacation? Perhaps you have also been to the location you intend vacationing at during a business trip but was prevented by work from taking in the beauty of the local. Well, pack your bags; you could even allow your partner tag along.

But, not so fast! If you are vacationing, there are some tips you might want to glance through. Your ignorance would seldom get accepted as a good reason for pardon.

1.   Find out about your destination’s offseason

Just as is true for tourists visiting Norway, it would be necessary for you to find out if the country or location you would be visiting has offseason that you could patronize. In Europe generally, off-seasons often constitute the cold periods of winter, so it would help to find out about the variables that apply. Accommodation price variations, early closures for shops, and the comfort of the transport mean available in such seasons. The good news is local review sites like Norskeanmeldelser also cover European countries; a quick browse there would offer great insight into what should be expected.

2.   Save travel costs

If your vacation does not go beyond European borders, travelling by train could be a very comfortable option, saving you from having to deal with jetlag upon arrival. And if you would still prefer travelling by plane, you might want to make moneywise decisions by using a travel fare aggregator like Momondo. Helps you compare the available travel options, and choose pocket-friendly offers. Good news – using Momondo services is free.

3.   Make reservations in advance

Making reservations for accommodation, travel tickets, and even tours, would save you some cost. Since you are not desperately jostling for the few seats available, the best deals are available at reasonable prices.

4.   Shed a little skin

Yes, I’m aware you are not reptilia! However, adapting to the new environment at the vacation site helps you to enjoy your time better. The few weeks you will be spending might not avail you the opportunity of becoming a skilful user of the local language, but learning a few phrases will help you bond better with the locals.

Spend a little longer time at a location, make friends at the local markets and restaurants, buy a few local wears to help you blend in; all these would help in understanding the etiquette and culture of your new environment.

5.   Enjoy the not so famous sights

Tours are more common in big cities in Europe, but when in the locals, your new-found friends could make an excellent tour guide to the local attractions. And if you cannot be shown around in person, you would receive helpful tips that will help in enjoying your stay.

6.   Transaction backups

Going into remote locations, withdraw some local currencies at the airport or train station. Local markets seldom accept credit cards.


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