You can tell a travel agent your preferred dates, the place you want to visit, and your budget, and expect a full itinerary of what to do there based on your preferences. Can AI do the same job?

These free travel planning apps use AI and machine-learning tools like ChatGPT to prepare an itinerary for you in a few seconds.

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Of course, the first AI that comes to mind these days is ChatGPT. Roam Around uses the internet’s favorite new AI chat app to help you plan your travel in any city, as yet another one of the amazing things you can do with ChatGPT.

It’s not a super sophisticated app by any means, but it’s simpler than even learning how to put the right prompt in the original ChatGPT to get what you want.

Roam Around asks you the city you’re planning to visit. However, you can also specify how many days you have to spend there. Based on this information, it queries ChatGPT and presents the response in an intelligible manner.

The app is quite basic and doesn’t let you refine or filter your results, other than adding a few special requests like family travel or vegetarian. We’d advise treating it more as a reference or template to start your travel planning, which you can then check with other guides to fix an itinerary.

It’s also a good app for users who can’t access ChatGPT due to it being blocked by their universities or authorities.

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Wonderplan is a wonderful tool to plan your trip. To create your itinerary, Wonderplan first asks you to enter your destination country and city, your budget, the number of days you’ll be staying, and your interests.

It then creates a travel plan within a few minutes, displaying various places to visit, their descriptions, and the time usually spent at each location. Although Wonderplan doesn’t show the trip map, it does provide a link to Google Maps for each place.

It also displays different types of accommodation available (like Airbnb, hotel, or hostel) and their respective costs. Similarly, there are details about transportation, food, and activities. This way, you can estimate the potential cost of your trip.

Besides your itinerary, Wonderplan also shows essential information about the country you’re visiting. These include currency conversion rate, electricity plug type, languages spoken, weather, and popular conveyances.

However, note that Wonderplan can only create an itinerary for a maximum of seven-day trips. So if you’re planning a longer vacation, maybe it’s not the best option for you.

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PLAN by ixigo starts by asking you about your dream destination. Then, it provides an option to describe the type of experience you want to have. This is just like a ChatGPT prompt, so you can enter anything you wish.

For example, you can specify the duration of your stay, your interests, the kinds of activities you’re looking for, whether you have a family with you, and so on.

But if you can’t think of any prompts, PLAN by ixigo provides a few trip ideas, so you can always select those. PLAN by ixigo then shows a day-wise plan, showing what you can do in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

However, if the suggested itinerary doesn’t sound appealing, you can again enter a prompt to edit it.

While iPlan.AI doesn’t mention which AI or machine-learning algorithm it uses, the results are fantastic enough to gloss over that. The app works beautifully on phones to give you a full itinerary for any one city at a time, depending on how many days you have there.

The app first asks you to name the destination city. As far as we checked, iPlan.AI works best for popular tourist cities, not offbeat or obscure travel. Next, note how many days you will be there, and then choose your free time on each day—a cool step to ensure a better itinerary if you already have some plans in mind.

Tell iPlan.AI if you’re traveling solo, as a couple, with family, or with friends, and then choose your interest among topics like history, art and culture, nature, entertainment, shopping, food, sports, relaxing, etc. Finally, choose a budget between economy, normal, or luxury.

After a few minutes, iPlan.AI gives you a day-wise itinerary for your trip. It’s plotted on a map for you to see all the locations, and each point of interest has additional details like how many minutes people typically spend there.

You’ll also find information on estimated travel time and transport modes between those places. And you can share it with a friend or export it all to Google Maps for help while traveling.

The app is free, and in our usage, we didn’t face any ads. The only real limitation of iPlan is that you can’t get an itinerary for a multi-city trip. For now, you’ll need to make a plan for each city you’re visiting, one at a time.

Download: iPlan for Android | iOS (Free)

Curiosio is a roadtrip planning app based on AI that gives you several parameters to refine your journey before plotting a route based on your interests

The easiest last-minute travel plan is to get into a car and drive. Curiosio specializes in helping you plan an itinerary for a road trip to several major countries on all continents. It doesn’t cover every single place, but the existing collection is impressive enough.

Curiosio uses its own AI engine, Ingeenee, that is trained on several crowdsourced travel-based resources, such as Wikivoyage, Wikipedia, Wikidata, Freebase, DBpedia, GeoNames, OSMNames, OpenStreetMap. Through this dataset, it’s able to chart an itinerary that meets your requirements across various parameters.

You can set options for a round trip or a one-way trip with starting and finishing points. If there are any places you want to visit on the way, add them in. Then set the number of travelers, dates of the journey, what vehicle you’re using, total budget, and whether you want to visit places that spark curiosity or are obscure. The AI will usually give you multiple plans and routes for these options.

The itinerary includes a map of your route, along with a day-wise breakdown of where you’ll be going and what you’ll be seeing. Each point of interest is clickable to find more information about it. There are easy shortcuts to copy the link to share it with co-travelers, print it out, or even export it to Google Maps. Curiosio is one of the best road trip planners for your next adventure.

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Trip Planner AI plans a perfect trip to your dream destination. Begin creating your itinerary by entering the city you wish to visit, the duration of the visit, and starting date. Trip Planner AI then suggests flights and hotels based on your details.

For instance, you can specify the number of adults and kids, your luggage bags, the number of hotel rooms, expected hotel rent, and available amenities.

For Pro users, there is a host of unique features like itinerary preferences, setting a budget, exporting to a calendar, downloading PDFs, and options to edit travel plans.

Finally, Trip Planner AI generates a detailed itinerary along with a map. For each destination, it provides the details of the place, expected traveling time, distance, and cost. The free plan only provides you with an auto-generated itinerary with recommendations for flights and hotels.

Trip Planner AI Pro costs $7.99 for a month’s access (not recurring).

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Genius Trip creates a customized itinerary based on your preferences. There are multiple options you can choose from to customize your trip.

To discuss a few of these, you can select your budget and trip duration, pick your dietary preferences and specify whether you want a relaxed trip or a packed one. Similarly, Genius Trip lets you select whether you’re going for a romantic, adventure, family, cultural, or tourist trip.

It shows a simple itinerary, listing the different activities to perform and restaurants to visit each day. Genius Trip also suggests an accommodation and lets you find flights. A pretty simple tool, it doesn’t feature any maps or other settings like the ability to edit the trip plan.

The Limitations of Travel Planning AI Apps

All these travel planning AI apps urge you not to use the itinerary as-is and only treat it as a template or guide to begin planning your trip. There’s a good reason behind this. While AI tools like ChatGPT are excellent, they currently have several limitations, like databases that aren’t recently updated or require specific prompts from the user.

A real human travel agent is still going to understand you better and give you a more customized itinerary that suits your requirements. But of course, that’s going to cost you a few bucks. If you want a free base guide, more basic travel planning apps are a good starting point.


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