When a couple is planning a wedding they want everything for their special day to be perfect. The decorations, dresses, and even the menu at the reception cannot be anything less than perfect. Wedding catering services can help a couple find the best menu for their wedding. Wedding catering services can offer some interesting ideas for the menu that will look and taste great.

Lobster with Mashed Potatoes

This may seem like an odd combination but it works. This dish mixes elegance with comfort foods. The lobster is prepared and cracked open for the guests so all they need to do is enjoy.

Vegetables and Couscous Salad

This dish is good for those looking for a lighter fare or for those that follow a vegetarian diet. This dish can also be used at weddings where the guests may have religious restrictions when it comes to the menu. The fresh vegetables make this dish bright and make it look elegant. The dish has a light dressing that goes well with the couscous. The vegetables used in this dish are often the ones that are in season so they can be fresh.

Filet Mignon with Green Beans

This is a tasty piece of meat and can be expertly prepared for the wedding. The meat is melt in the mouth tender and goes well with fresh green beans. The dish will also go well with a light sauce to keep the meat moist and juicy.

Fried Chicken with Mac and Cheese

This is a dish that can be found at most southern weddings. This is comfort food at its finest. There is nothing like this done home dish that will bring family and friends together for this special event.

Taco Bar

Tacos are tasty food and this popular Mexican dish has become mainstream. A taco bar at a wedding will allow the guests to pick their toppings and their own choice. This will allow a person to have a dish they like. Tacos are also fun to make and to eat. This will allow the guests to enjoy the dining experience.

Wood-Fired Individual Pizza

Pizza is a good that just about everyone likes. A wood fire pizza has a nice crust and is made fresh for the guests. The guests can choose from several toppings. A sit own pizza meal will make the wedding feel like they are attending a family dinner and will allow the guests to feel like they belong as part of the extended family.

Grilled Skewers

Skewers are fun to eat and they have that great barbeque taste. The skewers can be made with chicken, beef, or even seafood. Fresh vegetables can also be cut up and put on the skewers. This will allow people to get a fresh taste and allow for many different dining options.

Dishes Using Grilled Corn

Grilled corn has a great taste and can be used in several different applications. Grilled corn can be used as part of a fresh side salad. Grilled corn can also be used in chowders, salsas, and different applications. If the wedding is outdoors or going for that country look than grilled corn can be eaten right off of the cob.

These are some fun wedding menu ideas. Even a classy event can have some fun food choices that everyone will enjoy. These fun choices will do their best to please most of the guests and will make it seem like they are coming to a family dinner event.


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