Surfing is the act of riding a wave while using aboard. It is a surface water sport whereby a surfer or an individual uses a surfing board to ride on the face of a moving wave of water. With the use of equipment such as a surfboard leash, wetsuit, surfing is easily performed. Surfing is done as a sport or even recreational activities as most families go on surfing vacations. Surfing is done not too far beaches shore as surfers can take a rest when tired or even sunbathing while some other surfers ride on ocean waves.

If you want to go surfing in Europe, you can read about Maldives travel agency and other travel agencies on You will get to know the best companies that you can patronize on a surfing vacation to Europe. You will also learn from the experience of other people about the best surfing sites in Europe and the other sites that are not too spectacular. Europe has spectacular surfing spots where surfers from different countries assemble to ride on heavy waves and create splendid sightseeing moments. Here are some of the best places to go for surfing;

1• Bundoran, Ireland

Ireland’s northernmost country located in Donegal has some great surf spots. Bundoran makes available, a wide range of beach and reef for different levels of surfers. An example of a beach to surf in Ireland includes Tullan Strand. It is one of the best beaches in Ireland that one can go surfing. The beaches are about two miles long, surrounded by banks and located beside cliffs. It is an exposed beach that can be surfed at any time of the year. The beach offers left and right-hand waves, its best wind direction comes from the southwest. Autumn is the best time of the year for surfing the Tullan Strand, it tends to have consistent waves and offshore wind that makes surfing enjoyable.

2• San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is Spain’s most iconic surf town. San Sebastian is less than 10 miles from the Spanish-French border. Examples of exciting places to surf in San Sebastian is Zuriolla Beach. The Zuriolla Beach is open to enjoy 24 hours a day. It is located on the other side of Monter Urgull. The beach is an action-packed surfing spot in Spain. The best time to surf in San Sebastian is during winter and fall, the waves tend to be bigger during that time of the year as they can reach a height of 6 feet. Good enough to surf, right? The Zuriolla Beach is a spacious one for people to enjoy, sunbathe, surf and do a lot of exciting things. You can also surf in San Sebastian during Summer (June- August), Winter (November-March), Autumn (September-October), Spring (April and May). Thousands of tourist and travellers from across the globe find their way to San Sebastian to surf on the Zuriolla Beach.

 3• Peniche, Portugal

Portugal is considered a surfing destination that is open and ready to surf all through the year. Peniche is popularly known for its long and sandy beaches, surfing, waves. It is one of the best places to surf in Portugal. Peniche has sand bars reefs, beach breaks in both left and right direction which makes your surfing experience a fascinating one. Peniche is a wonderful destination to surf.


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