Guide Hamprey Mweterwa (center on white horse) leads a group on a safari in Kenya’s Borana Conservancy. Visitors to Borana might encounter zebras, leopards, impalas, elephants, and the area’s population of 200 rhinos.

Looking for exciting locations to explore this year? From diving with sharks on Australia’s Coral Coast to rafting the white rapids of West Virginia, National Geographic has some unique ideas for you with its annual Best of the World 2024 list.

The list, released first to USA TODAY on Tuesday, includes top destinations in the world and lesser-known ones. They range from Paris and Niagara Falls to the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia and archeological sites on the Spanish island of Menorca.

Unlike previous years, National Geographic is emphasizing must-do experiences at each destination, instead of just listing out locations. And in another step away from previous editions, the publication has added rankings to help readers prioritize their bucket list.


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