In today’s world, moving from one place to another is as important as the food we eat and the air we breathe too to stay alive. This is because without movement, so many things cannot be done and many projects will be left undone or unexecuted. The moment movement is mentioned (except in trek-able distance) what comes into mind immediately is transportation. There are different types of transportation which include air, sea, rail, and road but the focus of this work is on-road which car is a major factor of movement. To narrow it down more, this work focuses on the 5 best cars for a family trip. However, this may differ from family to family as we have large, medium, and small families.

There are always 2 options to getting a car when you want to go on a family trip. You might have a car and want to use your car. You might not have a car or even have a car but decide to rent a car for the trip anyway. If this is the case, it is imperative you check rental car companies reviews on to know which company to rent a car from. Five (5) affordable and economical cars for family trip are discussed subsequently.

1) Toyota Sienna

This mini-bus vehicle is one of the best cars for any family trip. Apart from its spacious capacity which can accommodate up to eight (8) passengers or more, the vehicle has everything to guarantee safety and a smooth ride to any destination. The latest model is equipped with a 245-horsepower hybrid system including a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, airbags, front-wheel drive, low fuel consumption, and so many other unique features.

2) Toyota Highlander

Whether it’s the latest model or an older model, the truth is this Toyota product has stood the test of time in terms of its usefulness and economic efficiency in a family setting especially during the trip. It’s spacious equally with 3 sear rows (the 3rd row is collapsible to create more space for storage of larger goods) and can carry up to seven (7) or eight (8) passengers on a trip. It’s an automatic transmission, front-wheel drive, has two airbags, low fuel consumption. Apart from the collapsible part, this car also has a spacious boot for the storage of goods. It’s strong, reliable, and comfortable for a family trip.

3) Honda CR-V

This vehicle is considered one of the best when it comes to family trips because of its features. Almost like Toyota Sienna and Highlander, the vehicle is spacious but without a 3rd row but can still contain up to 6 or more passengers on a trip. Depending on the model year, but the recent models generally have modern features such as airbag, automatic transmission, front-wheel drive, low fuel consumption, modern safety equipment, and so on. The car is strong, reliable, and comfortable for a family trip.

4) Lexus 350

Those who already own this vehicle can attest to how good it is. The vehicle comes with all the modern-day facilities such as automatic transmission, front-wheel drive, airbags, and all built with a super engine. It’s very economical in terms of fuelling and general maintenance. It has 3-row seat which can take a family of eight (8) or more on any trip.

5) Toyota Corolla

As a saloon car, this is one vehicle an average family should go for. Manufactured with a very good engine, the cost of maintenance is very low and fuel consumption equally very low. This is the best car for an average family of four (4) or (5) persons. The car comes with all the modern facilities to guarantee a smooth, hitch-free, and comfortable trip.


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