A DWI attorney is an ideal legal representative if you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) or if you have any other related charges. An experienced DWI attorney should know all the ins and outs of both the DWI Laws and the police procedures regarding Standard Field sobriety tests. He should know whether the chemical test used to calculate the alcohol level in a person’s blood is constitutional and whether the procedure is recognized by the courts as being accurate. Only then can a good DWI lawyer help you get a fair trial or resolution of your case.

To understand the nature of your charges

The first step in finding a good DWI defense attorney is to understand the nature of your charges. Most drunk driving cases involve an arrest for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). The penalties for first-time OIS offenders are usually probation, fines, and incarceration. However, some states make OIS a more serious felony than Class A or B misdemeanors and will impose additional punishment on first-time offenders. For these reasons, it’s crucial that you understand the charges against you, and what penalties apply to your situation. A competent DWI attorney will be able to inform you about the various state laws regarding first-time OIS and can recommend whether you would be better off entering a guilty plea or taking a stand.

The issue of chemical testing

A second common issue that often arises in DWI cases is the issue of chemical testing. During a routine breath test, an officer can decide whether or not to allow you to drink. If the officer finds that you’re under the influence of alcohol, he or she will require you to take a chemical test. If the substance determined by the chemical test is found to be alcohol, the officer may then decide to arrest you.

To avoid having this happen, you should always consult with a proficient DWI lawyer who is experienced in fighting for you in court. If you’re unable to locate a qualified attorney right away, don’t give up hope. You can hire a free legal advice clinic in your area that can help you find an experienced DUI attorney to fight for your freedom. At the free legal advice clinics, you’ll meet with several lawyers and get some one-on-one time with them, so that you can choose one whose style matches yours.

Related to a previous drunk driving conviction

Your third concern might be related to a previous drunk driving conviction. In many states, a judge can temporarily suspend your license after your third DWI conviction. You should always strongly consider hiring a qualified houston dwi defense lawyer to fight for your freedom from future fines and jail time. If you’ve previously been convicted of DWI, you may face additional criminal charges, such as driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving while intoxicated (DUI). Keep in mind that many drunk driving convictions can lead to life sentences for repeat offenders.

Your fourth concern is about possible punishments for repeat DUI offenses. If you have prior convictions for drunk driving, you may face harsher penalties for your fourth offense. While you may not be able to legally reduce the penalties on your own, you may be able to negotiate with the state to have the penalties reduced. Again, if you are unable to hire a skilled DWI defense lawyer to fight for your freedom, you should strongly consider consulting with one today.

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