The search engine optimization consultant work description, or SEO consultant work definition, is essential to analyze, assess, improve, create, and monitor websites, search engine rankings, and traffic, as a key component in sharing expert information, guidance, actions, programs, and recommendations which help business owners to make more efficient use of their online resources and finances to the benefit of their businesses. This can be accomplished by identifying best practices for improving websites that will generate the most number of visitors with the least amount of effort and ranking. It also means creating a website that will rank higher for key search terms.

The objective of an SEO consultant

The objective of an seo consultant is to provide companies and businesses with the know-how, tools, and time to improve the ranking of their websites in the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, which involves improving websites that achieve a favorable ranking in search engines for specific keywords. SEO consultants work to increase the number of visitors and the ranking of a site on the Internet. In the past, SEO consultants used black hat methods to gain a high ranking for websites.

These tactics were considered unethical because they circumvented the proper procedures and regulations that are in place to keep information on websites deemed to be spam. The new, improved algorithms of the major search engines have eliminated spam. Now, successful SEO strategies involve organic searches and paid advertisements on the Internet. SEO consultants can provide organizations with the know-how and tools necessary to attract the right type of targeted traffic and ranking.

SEO consultants employ a multi-pronged approach to improving websites that include on-page improvements, such as increased internal linking and identification of inbound links from related websites. On-page SEO includes a variety of methods, including building inbound links from relevant websites, submission of articles to directories, creating inbound links from user-submitted web pages, submission of press releases to local publications, and use of keywords as in-text tags

Off-page SEO techniques

SEO consultants also employ off-page techniques to enhance visibility and rank. These include submission of articles to directory sites and building inbound links from other relevant websites. Off-page techniques include submission of web page content to popular article directories and submitting articles to newsgroups. SEO firms can also offer search engine friendly HTML code, which allows webmasters to include keywords throughout their website content, in addition to links to related web pages and blogs.

SEO consultants would use black hat marketing tactics to gain a high ranking for a website. These black hat techniques include the use of automated software to obtain high search engine rankings, writing deceptive content, use of invalid SEO techniques, registration of bogus e-mail addresses and other unsolicited contacts, and sending SPAM messages. Black hat strategies would use many methods that are not approved by search engines.

Search engine optimization is difficult, but professional assistance can improve the ranking of a website. Consultants can analyze and determine the best practices to use for a particular niche or category of websites. The best practices that the consultants would implement should conform to the guidelines set forth by Google, including the Panda and Penguin updates. These updates resulted in changes that search engines have come to recognize as the best practices for high-quality sites. Consultants who are hired to perform optimization would be able to implement the best practices and ensure that the updates by Google do not affect a company’s standing in the eyes of search engines.

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