When someone is aging, they may need home health care to ensure that they remain healthy. This can help prevent falls and give seniors the freedom they need to continue living a comfortable lifestyle. Many seniors end up in a home health care agency to help them stay at home instead of being placed in a nursing home or other long term care facility. However, before placing your loved one in this type of home health care program, there are a few things you need to do.


A trained houston home health care aide will perform an evaluation of your loved one’s physical abilities. They will take into account everything from their vision to their ability to walk. After this has been completed, a schedule for home health care services can be developed. Both you and your aide will agree on the level of care needed, and you should always monitor progress closely.


A home health care service will also perform an assessment of your loved one’s mental status. This includes things like their thinking and judgment ability. If necessary, they can also perform special assessments for certain medical conditions. Once these services have been completed, you can develop an appropriate plan for your senior’s needs.

Doctor Visits

Your chosen agency should be able to send a qualified doctor to your home for a complete physical exam and consultation. During this visit, your health care provider will discuss what type of services you would like for your elderly parent. They can suggest treatments based on your loved ones medical history and current situation. They will also discuss how often the visits should take place and the costs involved.

Private Pay

Medicare and Medicaid coverage may not cover all of your senior parents in home health care services. In these cases, you as the senior parent will need to pay for these services. Some home health care agencies offer private pay services where your parents will make payments directly to the agency. Your chosen agency should discuss the costs involved and how they will handle payments. Make sure that all of your financial information is secure.

Employee Training

The staff members at your home health care agency should receive proper employee training. They should be well-versed in Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and all other applicable programs. Your aide should also undergo drug testing and background checks. An agency should be very particular about this process and any staff members who do not pass this rigorous standard should be immediately replaced.

Observation Visit

As you search for the right home health care agency, you will also want to find one that allows you access to a live person to make decisions about your loved one. Many agency representatives only have phone access and cannot make decisions for your parents. Your aide should be able to make decisions on your behalf if she or he so chooses. If the agency offers home health services may make you available to see your parents while they work.

Assign an Occupational Therapist

You can save lots of money by going with an occupational therapist instead of a home health care aide. These professionals can work with your loved one for specific purposes. They may perform exercises and stretches to keep them limber and prevent injuries from occurring. They may also teach them how to perform simple office, kitchen, and housework duties. Make sure the occupational therapist is certified and licensed before allowing your parents to use their home.

Medical Caregiver

A medical care provider is also a good choice if you don’t want to rely on the home health care agency for many of the services. You will have a person in place that can get involved in the daily activities of your family. Some agencies allow a non-relative to become an in-home caregiver. In these situations, the person receiving care is responsible for their own personal hygiene and doctor’s appointments.

Long-Term Nursing Home

If you are concerned about your parent’s long-term physical fitness you may want to consider having them receive physical therapy. This type of home health care is often provided by a home health care agency or other medical professional. If your parents have received physical therapy they will need assistance with their activities of daily living. This could include walking, getting up and down the stairs, using the toilet, and cooking at home.

Skilled Nursing Services

Many people are worried about being in a skilled nursing home. Skilled nursing services can be very helpful as well. These services can include home health care as well as skilled nursing assistance such as housekeeping and bedside care.

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