With the death toll surpassing the 1.5 million line and expected to increase, everyone is cautious about traveling. Regional borders have been reopened, international flights have resumed.

This has you thinking, what then is the safest means of transport that you may use to prevent you and your loved ones from contracting Coronavirus. In this article, we shall look at whether planes are safe and what other transportation modes are safe.

1.   Planes

There is no safe travel. As long as someone else has Coronavirus, then anyone else can get it.

For a long time, flying has always been the safest means of transportation.

With the new challenge of Covid-19, can flying still claim its title as the safest transportation means?

Well, for one, Coronavirus spread faster to other continents and regionals due to flight transportation.

At the same time, plane travel cannot be avoided when you want fast transportation overseas, not unless you’re okay with weeks of travel on water.

For you to make your flight travel safe from Coronavirus, it’s going to be a group effort. The players here are the government, airline officials, and you as a traveler.

The government has to impose strict flight measures with stringent punishment for disobedience, the airlines have to abide by the regulations and you have to do your part and follow all covid-19 protection measures.

To say that planes are not safe, you’d be wrong. Maybe it wasn’t safe when there were a few countries affected but now the virus has spread worldwide.

Studies have shown that the risk of transmission of Covid-19 in an airplane is lower because of the fast air circulation in the plane.

However, when you see it from a different point of view, flights can be quite dangerous. Take for example an incoming flight from a country that had disregarded covid-19 regulations and allowed its citizens to fly out of the country. This will pose a danger to the receiving country as well as the airlines.

2.   Cars

Cars on the other hand are common, realizable and the most used means of transportation among other advantages.

Are cars safer than planes? It depends.

When a majority of the countries were on lockdown, and international flights were paused, cars were used as frequently for transportation.

This fact however didn’t guarantee that they were safe. Public transportation is far worse in the spread compared to private means.

If you look at taxi rides, it’s less safe than private means but preferable than public buses. For a person or a family with no car, the best option to avoid contact with Coronavirus infected cars or persons is to hire a car.

A hired car will give you the privacy you need and better the chances of you getting a safe journey to whichever place you are traveling to.

This will not 100{9c818ef3b2b5063e5ef8846661594b168df11a5cdc2d1a84c30f5a0761ac1d3d} guarantee you that you’ll be safe and protected from Coronavirus, better and safer protection can only be achieved at an individual level.

Also, when dealing with rental cars, caution should be taken to ensure that it’s a trustable company as there are not so many trustworthy companies out there.

Because of these uncertainties, I recommend that your read car rental companies Reviews give you an insight into some of the best companies to trade with.

3.   Bicycles and motorcycles.

The whole idea of prevention of the spread of Coronavirus is to avoid crowding and making contact with infected persons.

If there is the safest transportation mode, then cycling and motorcycle rides are the means. Why? There is complete air circulation, and it’s a one-person ride meaning limited contact with another person.

These two modes did not make it to my top list because it’s not as reliable as the first two. It’s not convenient when you’re looking for a fast and long travel means.

It can work as a good means for commuting to work or for the motorcycle, good for solo road trips.

Bikes are relatively cheap and easy to access. You can purchase one from your local dealer or choose to buy it online. To help you secure one, you might consider looking at Gravity Coalition an online company specialized in offering bikes and bikes’ components and parts.

The good thing about online shopping is the fact that you can always access reviews from other users of the product you want to purchase before making your final decision. To even better this, third party review platforms like ReviewsBird USA are there.


There are no safe transportation means from Coronavirus, everyone is a potential carrier and anyone can be infected in that case.

Always keep yourself and your loved ones safe by following the Covid-19 safety regulation measures.


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