Travelers who enjoy extra thrills continue to bolster the growing adventure travel market. Based on data from Global Market Insights, this niche sector of the travel industry was valued at over $480 billion in 2023 and is poised to grow by more than 15% each year from now through 2032. Popular activities include white water rafting, zip-lining, hiking in mountainous jungles and deserts, deep-sea fishing, safaris and more. The branded travel items here are must-haves for upcoming trips to any corner of the world.

Logomark/Valumark (asi/67866)

foldable cup holder/organizer

The Airporter foldable cup holder (KB9990) is made of rPET derived from recycled water bottles. Features dual beverage pockets, front mesh pocket, zippered back pocket and reinforced stabilizing panels. Easily attaches to luggage with the elastic strap or clips to a bag with the included carabiner.

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BEL Promo (asi/39552)

sling backpack, assorted colors

The Mendoza economic sling backpack (ABPK95) is designed for travelers who want essentials within reach. Made of polyester and available in a range of colors, it has a zip closure, plush foam interior and 14” carrying strap. Think travel agencies and tour groups.

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Ball Pro / Diversified Quality Kitchenware (asi/38120)

tumbler with magnetic phone holder

Innovation meets hydration with the Ringo 24-oz. water bottle (DRK0001). Features a built-in magnetic holder that keeps phones within reach. With a full 90° range of motion, it’s perfect for capturing travel content and staying connected on the go. Dishwasher-safe.

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Nu Promo International (asi/74585)

shark-shaped keychains

Outdoors enthusiasts will appreciate this trout-shaped stainless-steel bottle opener on a key ring (BO1166). Ideal for fishing events, marina promotions and bait & tackle shops. Choose from three colors with a laser-engraved imprint.

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Al’s Goldfish Lure Co. (asi/33300)

goldfish-shaped fishing lure

Help clients reel in customers with this fishing lure matchbook (046). With a variety of lure colors available, it can be personalized with a company name, logo and catchy fish saying to hook the recipient.

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Twintech Industry, Inc. (asi/92357)

power strip

Travelers don’t need to let limited outlets in mountain cabins slow them down. The Airport Hero (2378) is a compact yet powerful travel power strip with three outlets and two USB charging ports.

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