Cathay has just celebrated its 77th anniversary and with that milestone came the reintroduction of one of its classic travel accessories — the Cathay Bowling Bag.

As part of this reintroduction of the airline classic from the ’70s, a new mini compact version has been created as a fashionable take on the travel bag. Joined by Kayan9896 for a photo shoot with the new bag design, we asked the talented artist what she thought about the updated bag and what she considers “essential” when traveling.

This release from Cathay sees the classic size in two designs — one with the Eastern Sea Pattern, and one with the ’70s Cathay Pacific logo — and the new mini version in the Classic Eastern Sea pattern. Designed for both travel and as a fashionable accessory, these bags blend style with functionality and are a nod to Cathay’s rich history in Hong Kong.

Interested in learning what Kayan9896 does while planning her trips, we caught up with her to hear more about her travel rituals, what she brings with her overseas, and her dream destination.

What are two things that you love about flying?
Watching movies and airplane meals. What I look forward to the most when flying with Cathay is the ice cream. My favourite flavour is Cookies and Cream.

Who is your ideal travel companion? Why?
I hope my travel companion is easygoing and accepts my flaws because I always sleep in and like to make spontaneous changes to my plans.

What are your travel essentials?
Camera, earphones, and my passport.

When it comes to traveling for work, what do you enjoy most?
I love it when the work is done and I can stay behind to check out the city.

What is the most challenging thing about traveling (especially about work)?
Due to the pandemic, traveling for work became a novelty. I’ve always believed that when you’re in a foreign place, you should fully immerse yourself in the area to experience the culture. As a result, when I first arrive at a new destination for work, it can be challenging for me to switch to work mode. I try to remind myself to stay focused on work, and that i’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the place after everything is done.

Where are you going for your next trip?
It should be Taiwan or Japan.

Where would you like to go next?
I want to travel to the United States, Iceland, Europe, or the Maldives. I want to visit the United States to check out New York and California. In Europe, I’d like to explore towns in the countryside of Southern France. I really liked the charming setting from the movie Call Me by Your Name.

All my friends highly recommend Iceland as it is known for its breathtaking landscapes and incredible scenery. Lastly, I am eager to explore Maldives, especially considering the possibility of it sinking in the future.

What do you think of Cathay’s reintroduction of the Classic Bowling Bag?
The mini version of Cathay’s classic bowling bag design embodies the essence of Eastern culture. I like that you can personalize it with accessories like silver chains for a more fashionable look. I also like that it is now in a mini size. It is not too big and can easily be taken out with you all day without weighing you down.

So the mini version would be your choice?
Of course! I prefer traveling in casual clothing, and the mini version ticks the boxes of being subtle, lightweight, and spacious enough to hold all my things.

Who would you recommend the mini version of Cathay’s Classic Bowling Bag to?
Probably to Kathy Ngai On-Chi because “Cathay” sounds like her English name, Kathy. This playful throwback style of bag really fits with her current look and would complement her everyday outfits.


The entire Cathay Bowling Bag Collection is available now over at Cathay’s website where the Classic Bowling Bag retails for HKD 650, and the Mini version for HKD 450.


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