There is nothing better in the world than enjoying a good piece of art and a delicious plate of food. On your trip to Amsterdam, you will visit the Moco Museum for having the most unique exhibits from around the world. The works exhibited there seek to reflect modern society and its surroundings. If you want to enjoy sculptures as particular as a giant Gummy Bear, you should take advantage of the kortingscode Moco Museum (Dutch for discount!) and schedule your next visit. Now, when you have satiated your passion for good art, you will want to take to your mouth the most exquisite flavors of Amsterdam. Although there are many options offered by this exquisite city, let’s mention some of them. Get ready to delight your palate.

Eat as if you had a Dutch mom

If you came to this wonderful city with the intention of taking home the delicious memory of a well prepared dish, we are going to present you an option that will make you feel at home. We are talking about the restaurant “Moeders”. Looking for home cooking as if it was made by a Dutch mom? This is the ideal place for that. Located in the center of the city, it serves only the most traditional Dutch dishes. Send some love to your belly with stamppot or suddervlees, a beef stew; for dessert, treat yourself to poffertjes or a slice of homemade pie. As this is a restaurant that exalts the excellent work of mothers, you can bring a picture of yours and place it on the wall of the restaurant. If you bring your mom with you, they will make her feel extra special.

More options to delight your palate

If you want to try more of Amsterdam’s own flavors, we recommend you to visit the restaurant “Wilde Zwijnen” located in Amsterdam Oost, on the recently renovated Javaplein. Although the restaurant may not have a Dutch design, they have focused on offering dishes with real Dutch flavors. To achieve this, they use fresh, high-quality seasonal products in all their dishes. If you are looking for a delicious sweet breakfast, we invite you to visit STROOP (which means “syrup”, by the way). Here you can find tasty pancakes prepared with local ingredients from sustainable sources. You can find it within NoordOogst, an urban agricultural project in Amsterdam Noord. Give your heart all the sweetness it needs to be happy. These are just some of the options you can enjoy in Amsterdam, don’t hesitate to visit them all!


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