Travel in June is an ideal choice for many travelers. For those who want to experience the best weather and adventurous activities, this month is ideal. While July and August bring the hottest temperatures, June is just the beginning of the warm weather, so it usually is milder. June travelers also dodge the April showers, so they can expect clearer skies. Often the weather conditions of a travel destination truly determine the pleasantness of the trip, so travelers would be wise to plan a trip abroad during this sunny month. 

While some travelers will appreciate that the kids are out of school in June so they can have family fun, some solo travelers may appreciate other benefits. Since the biggest crowds visit global destinations in July, tourists may be able to catch the top attractions before they are filled up. June is like the calm before the storm since travelers can enjoy the warm weather without the downsides of traveling during the height of summer. 

There are many things to consider before traveling in June, but the foremost concern for most travelers is where exactly they should go. The best places to travel in June are diverse and will make an annual trip sound more than appealing. 

Unique Places To Travel To in June

We’ve assembled a list of the best places to travel to in June. Each destination offers unique summer experiences that should be treasured and may even lead to envy-worthy photos. Learn more about these destinations that will spark more June joy for travelers. 


Seaside Town in Spain
Photo credit: Susan Flynn

Spain has a great appeal for tourism. It is even considered one of the top travel destinations in Europe. It is known for its walkable cities, artistic ambiance, flavorful food and unique cultural offerings. Tourists frequently travel to Barcelona, Madrid or Seville in the summer. Some of the most visited attractions in these destinations include gothic cathedrals, homey cobble stoned streets, art institutions and bustling shopping centers. In June, tourists will notice that the temperatures in Spain are around 60 to 80 degrees. 

Travelers should not have trouble getting around Spain in June. There is quite efficient public transportation, which travelers can depend on. To avoid any complications while abroad and further immerse themselves into the surrounding culture, travelers are encouraged to live like locals. Getting around like a local is an impressive feat. The most common modes of public transportation are trains and buses. 


Black Milan, Italy
Photo Credit: Julia Solonina / Unsplash

The countryside of Italy is a perfect getaway for ultimate relaxation. June is the best time to see the enchanting country and its ravishing beauty. The rolling hills, lush greenery and intimate gathering spaces of Italy are unmatched. Some of the most popular summer destinations in Italy include the Amalfi Coast, Florence, Rome and Venice. In all of these destinations travelers can enjoy some of the most popular excursions in Italy. For foodies and wine lovers, there are vineyard tours with select culinary offerings. Art connoisseurs will appreciate the famous Amalfi Coast Music and Arts Festival which occurs near the end of June. 

Like many other European destinations, Italy has great public transportation. The most common type of public transportation is the train. Other than that, travelers take buses or cars to get around. For more remote or countryside destinations travelers will need to get there via ride sharing apps. 


Sunny Mykonos coastline with colorful white and blue buildings, stone walkway, and restaurant chairs by the water
Photo credit: Johnny Africa

The ancient sites that exist in Greece are historic gems. For history buffs or travelers that enjoy learning about the significance of other cultures, this destination is a dream. To experience the great art and architectural grandeur of Greece, June is an ideal time to visit. With the manageable warm weather of June, travelers can freely explore the outdoors and take their time with their tours. Without the burden of super smoldering temperatures, travelers can even comfortably explore the outdoors. The top excursions in Greece include tours of things like acropolis, walking food tours, private sightseeing experiences, catamaran cruises and museums. 

Most tourists visiting Greece aspire to stay in Santorini. The iconic cliff hanging hotels (also known as cave hotels) are a very popular option for accommodations. These locations offer travelers private spaces, spacious pools and incredible beach views. To get around to excursions, travelers will not have trouble. Tourists are welcomed and common in Greece, so the public transportation is efficient. The most affordable way to travel in Greece are the KTEL buses, which are quite modern.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay Sunrise
Photo credit: Kevin Thrash

This lake between California and Nevada is one of the largest lakes in North America. It is 22 miles long and has plenty of trails to hike. Lake Tahoe is a hub for outdoor fun, so June is an especially nice time to visit. The weather is also very pleasant in June, since the temperatures are around 77 degrees. 

There are plenty of amenities in the recreational areas around the lakes, so visitors have access to family friendly facilities. Travelers visiting the area enjoy swimming, windsurfing, biking, hiking, sunbathing and kayaking. To appreciate the beauty of Lake Tahoe, travelers can visit Emerald Bay State Park or Sand Harbor State Park. There travelers can spend their time at the picnic areas and soak in the sun or enjoy nighttime adventures. These parks have the must-see views that attract tourists each year, so travelers should be sure to bring their camera and prepare to be in awe. 


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