Today’s business competition is getting tougher. This condition makes the leadership of the company along with the management must be responsive and fast in executing business strategies so that the company’s growth is achieved. This challenge is what keeps leaders and executives busy with the tight schedule of meetings, both meetings held outside the city and abroad. In such a situation, the Secretary must be very clever in preparing the business trip of the leadership, especially in terms of accommodation.

Currently in Bangkok there are many hotels that offer a variety of adequate facilities. But there are some things that must be considered when choosing a hotel in business. Hotels must have good facilities and affordable prices so that expenses are not much, Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 is one of the best for Bangkok.

Business Hotel Sukhumvit 20 has many offers which will certainly make a business trip not cost a lot of money and of course also comfortable.

Next, here are tips on choosing a hotel for a business trip:

The budget
The most important thing is to make sure the budget for lodging, this is as a reference in choosing the classification of hotels based on the stars they have. Hotels usually offer corporate rates, this can be used if the Chairman often goes on business trips to the city or country.

Purpose of a Business Trip
Knowing the purpose of a business trip whether for meetings, seminars or corporate visits. For meetings or seminars, try to stay overnight in the same location as the venue so that it is more practical and no longer needs to pay for transportation costs. If the place is different, calculate the distance between the meeting location and the place to stay. This is important because we have to calculate the cost of transportation again and the availability of transportation modes to get to the place of activity.

The secretary must know the Leadership meeting agenda during the business trip, including whoever will meet. This is important in order to be able to choose a hotel that has facilities such as a restaurant that suits the guests’ leadership. For example, going to a meeting with guests from Japan or Europe, then choose a hotel that the guests like or a hotel that has a restaurant that provides food beverage according to their tastes.

Choose a hotel with a strategic location. Generally business trips are carried out in big cities, so often the traffic around the hotel is jammed. Therefore, be sure to find a location with complete facilities, which only need to be reached on foot. Find out important or strategic places according to your needs, such as shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Even though it is in a strategic location, you need to find out the condition of the environmental safety around the hotel.

Look for hotels that have facilities as needed on a business trip, for example:

Room with facilities as needed. When choosing a room, make sure the room area and view are good. Smooking room options can be an alternative for smokers to avoid being charged when smoking in the room.

-Wifi which can be accessed easily, quickly and without pay. This is needed to smooth the performance.

– Business center, if the Chairperson wants to hold a private meeting, such as the one at Novotel Novotel Sukhumvit 20, you can see the review on the website

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