One of the things most people will have to do during the 2020 Christmas season is to weigh the pros and cons of traveling and decide if they should embark on a Christmas trip or not. One of the things they will consider is the need to deliver a gift to their loved ones and the ideas for a family Christmas gift. For those who will decide to travel, they are likely to take a flight. Taking a flight would require mixing up with other people who would be traveling to different places at the airport and people who will be traveling to the same place on the flight. Due to the current problems with COVID-19, it will be advisable to take safety precautions when you are traveling.

Read about airlines and their COVID-19 principles

One of the things you should do when you want to travel for Christmas in 2020 on a flight is to read the COVID-19 principles of an airline. First, is that you don’t want a situation where you get to the airport and you are turned back because you are not with a face mask or other requirements that they have listed. Secondly, you want to read about the principles to be sure they have such measures in place to protect you from being affected. Part of the measures should include disinfecting the plane between every flight and testing their staff regularly. One of the best places to read about COVID-19 principles for the airlines that you have selected is on US-Reviews. You will be to read from customers what COVID-19 measures were put in place by the airline if it was adequate, what will be expected of you, and tips for your trip.

Take the test

A day before your trip, you should take the COVID-19 test, to be sure that you are not infected. If you are infected it will be best to immediately go into self-isolation and quarantine. You should also be ready to contact the relevant agencies if you start to experience severe symptoms. You should not travel and put others at risk when you are positive. Even if you are no longer scared for yourself and you don’t care if others get infected from contact with you, you should know that some who gets infected from contact with you could infect others that could come back to infect someone close to you in the future. Hence, take the test and adhere to every instruction you are given based on the result of your test.

Wear face masks

To protect yourself during a flight in the festive season, especially for the current year 2020, you are expected to put on a face mask. It has been confirmed that when you and other people you are relating with put on a face mask, it will be almost impossible for the first person to infect you with COVID-19 directly. You can’t be sure if the person attending to you at the airport, the flight attendant, or the seatmate has the virus or not. Hence, the best option will be to have your face mask on throughout your trip.

Use hand sanitizers

The use of hand sanitizers has also been encouraged as a very effective tool in preventing and managing the spread of the Coronavirus. People are encouraged to either use hand sanitizers and/or watch their hands regularly with running water and soap for no less than 20 to 40 seconds. It is important that you also adhere to these rules. As frequently as possible use your hand sanitizers or wash your hands with soap. This will help with killing the virus should in case you have contacted it through other means. Even if you have avoided people and did not touch places others could have touched, you might have exchanged items such as money and other documents with people during your journey.

Maintain social distancing

As much as possible, keep your distance from other people throughout the journey. If you can avoid crowded spaces as they are at a high risk of contracting the virus. Even though the virus is not airborne, it is present in saliva and nasal fluids. Hence, someone who is infected could have passed the virus to his or her hands that could be used to touch a part of the body you might move towards your nose, mouth, or eye. When this happens, you would get infected with the virus. Hence, you should maintain a healthy space with other people at the airport to avoid getting infected.

Avoid being touchy

You should try to avoid touching places as much as you can. Don’t touch walls, railings, and other seats when it is possible. Someone who has the virus might have infected those places. Hence, you could touch those places and consequently transfer the virus to a part of your body from where they can gain access to your system and you will get infected.

By following all of these tips as much as possible, you should be able to have a safe and COVID-19 free flight during the Christmas season.

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