Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Wonderful views, plenty of sunshine and numerous attractions – all this awaits tourists who decide to spend their free time there. It is worth thinking longer about the destination of your trip. You can choose from many interesting locations. However, we particularly recommend Piraeus this time. Find out now how many tourist attractions are waiting for you when you decide to make this choice.


Organizing a trip to Piraeus – what do you need to keep in mind?

To have as much choice as possible, decide in advance where you will spend your vacation. The choice of accommodation can have a big impact on how you evaluate your vacation, so study all available options carefully.

Later, move on to the next important issue, namely transportation. The vast majority of people choose to fly by plane. This allows them to significantly save their time and enjoy their vacation longer.

However, you must be aware that there is no airport in Piraeus. However, this is not bad information. Why? Just decide to fly from Poland to Athens. Especially since Piraeus is located about 10 km from Athens, so you will easily find an airport transfer from Athens airport to Piraeus.

That way you don’t have to give up a great trip to this magical corner. Now that you’ve booked your accommodation, flight and hotel access, it’s time to plan your trip. Learn about some of the must-see attractions in Piraeus.

Top attractions in Piraeus – this is a must see!

Even though Piraeus is a large city, you will find much more freedom there than in Athens. If you love hiking and the opportunity to explore away from the crowds, you will also find such places here.

Foremost, we recommend visiting the port, around which all city life is centered. It is from here that you can embark on a cruise to explore the various Greek islands.

Another important place is the bay of Zea. Here you will find many atmospheric tavernas and yachts. In this area, you should especially visit the Archeological Museum and the ancient theater from the 3rd century BC. You also can’t miss the opportunity to see for yourself the exhibits related to Greece’s maritime history, which you’ll find at the Maritime Museum.

Certainly an critical point for tourists is also the Kastella district. Here you can admire not only neoclassical buildings, but also the magnificent open-air theater – Veakio. However, it is important to realize that it is a modern building that is inspired by history.

Among other important tourist attractions for the place, we can mention the Mikrolimano Port, the Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Municipal Theater. Don’t forget that lovers of sunbathing and water sports will also be delighted when they decide to vacation in Piraeus. On top of all this, you no longer have to fear the cold and bad weather. The summer season is dominated by the sun, so a vacation here will meet your expectations.


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